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  All orders COD until credit is approved. Failure to fully complete this application will cause unnecessary delays in processing.
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Contact Name: Company Name:
Address 1: Address 2:
City: State:          Zip:
Phone: Email:
Trading References:
Contact Name: Company Name:
Contact Name: Company Name:
Contact Name: Company Name:
Banking Information:
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The customer herewith agrees that the information given is true and correct, and does hereby authorize Midwest Reproduction Co., Inc. to contact the above listed references for the purpose of obtaining credit information for consideration of this application. In addition, he/she understands that the payment terms for an account with MRC are NET 10th. Failure to meet these terms will result in a 1 % interest charge per month. The customer understands that he/she will be responsible for any attorney fees, plus any costs of collection, necessitated by such default. Attorney's fees and costs shall be due and payable whether or not suit is required to collect on such account. In order to collect past due balances on this account, it is the intent and purpose of the undertaking that the customer will be responsible for all fees and costs incurred by the seller in the event that the customer fails to timely pay for any and all goods and services.

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