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We use traditional blue print processes to reproduce drawings up to 42" wide by any length. You may chose from several different media types: blue, black, brown, sepia, or mylar.

Large Format Black and White Printing
We will copy your originals, or you can send us digital files via email or CD. Our KIP 2900 can scan and print at 400 dpi, up to 36" wide by any length and enlarge up to 400% or reduce down to 25%. Ask us about our scanning and document storage and/or management services. We accept and can plot CAD files: dwg and dxf, plt files, pdf's, jpg's, tif's, cal's, txt's, pcx's, and gp4's on bond, vellum, and xerographic mylar.


Small Format Black and White Printing
Again, we will copy your originals or you can send us digital files via email or CD. Our copiers and printers will handle any type of print or copy job - large or small. Have your jobs printed on 8 " x 11" up to 11" x 17", 1 or 2 sided, and on a variety of paper colors and cover stock. We will run index tabs and colored sections for you. See our section on finishing services for more information on binding, hole punching, etc.


Large Format Color Plotting
Our plotters, ENCAD's NovaJet Pro 600E and CadJet 2, will output your full color digital or scanned creations up to 600 dpi, 42" wide by any length on bond, heavy bond, vellum, photographic paper, or canvas.

Small Format Color Printing
Our color prints are made to look like the originals. We can print from PowerPoint and many other programs, scan in photos for reprints, help put your portfolios together, and almost any other task you need. The size availability ranges from 8 " x 11" to 13" x 19". We also offer color copying which provides a high resolution color copy without the cost of actual printing. The size availability is 8 " x 11", 8 " x 14", or 11" x 17".


Scanning and Document Archiving
Using our VIDAR high resolution, large format, flatbed scanner or our EPSON small scanner, we can scan color or black and white images up to 40" wide by any length and up to " thick. From the scans, we can adjust the size and color, plot the files, and burn them to a CD for your future reference.

Get rid of all of those sets of plans from the 50's that are only taking up space in the back of your office. We will scan them in, clean them up, and burn them to CD's so that you can create a much more space efficient archive.

Finishing Services
Let us add the finishing touches to your jobs by GBC binding, mounting on foam core or chipboard, hole punching, or laminating. Not only will it complete the look of your project, but it will help protect all of your hard work.

Support Services
We will do your shipping, bid set management, and distribution. The MRC staff can help distribute your projects in several different ways. We offer same day digital transfer via the internet and will ship via UPS or Fed-Ex. Any customer with an MRC account is offered our local pick-up and delivery service free of charge.

For customers with accounts, we will also hold original sets of plans in house for continual reproductions needed for large, on-going projects.

Products and Supplies
Come to us to stock up on any printing, drafting, or surveying supplies. If we do not have it in stock, we will do all we can to find exactly what you want and get it to you promptly.

We can order plotters, blueline machines, and surveying equipment.

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